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U. S. Route 1 Multimodal Corridor Study

Project Details

Consultant:  Vanassee Hangen Brustlin, Inc.
Budget: $200,000
Funding:  $100,000 (VNDIA)/$100,000 (RSTP)
Completion Date: November 2008

Scope of Work

The U.S. Route 1 Corridor Study identified the short and long term transportation system needs, developed the long-term vision for the Route 1 Corridor from the Prince William County/Stafford County line to the north, southwards to Route 630, Courthouse Road.

The project examined existing traffic conditions and facilities for auto, pedestrian, cyclist and transit users.   Based on an evaluation of existing conditions and expected growth in land use and travel demand, the study developed and examined a wide range of multimodal concepts to improve mobility, safety and accessibility for all modes within the study area corridor.

Final Document

U.S. Route 1 Multimodal Corridor Study

Project Documents

01/14/2008 – Notice-to-Proceed for On-Call Task Order 08-01 for U.S. Route 1 Multimodal Corridor Study

08/04/2008 – Letter to Virginia National Defense Industrial Authority (VNDIA) for funding received


07/11/2008 – Route 1 Multimodal Corridor Study

10/06/2008 – Presentation to Quantico Growth Management Committee


04/16/2007 – FAMPO Resolution 07-22, Endorsing a Stafford County Grant Request to the Virginia National Defense Industrial Authority (VNDIA) for a Master Plan for U.S. Route 1 in Stafford County, in the Area of Telegraph Road and Russell Road

11/19/2007 – FAMPO Resolution 07-39, Recommending that the George Washington Regional Commission Approve the Selection of Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. (VHB) and Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. as On0Call Consultants to Perform Transportation Planning Work and Recommending that VHB be Authorized to Conduct the Work for the Multi-Modal Corridor Study on U.S. 1 in North Stafford County and the First Task Order Under these Contracts