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George Washington Region Transit Policy Plan

FAMPO initiated the George Washington Region Transit Policy Plan to determine the most effective ways to improve transit and begin to develop a more balanced transportation system.

This study was conducted using projections of future development that were based on the land use policies current in effect for local governments in the Region. These projections indicated that future development will be similar to current development patterns, and will consist of low density development that will sprawl into currently undeveloped areas.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 –  Introduction

Chapter 2 – Market Analysis

Chapter 3 – Peer Review

Chapter 4 – Future Transit Service Scenarios

Chapter 5 – Governance Options

Chapter 6 – Funding Options

Chapter 7 – Transit Recommendations and Next Steps


Appendix A – 2017 and 2035 Service Scenarios: Service Parameters

Appendix B – 2017 and 2035 Recommended Services

Appendix C – Virginia Railway Express (VRE) Governance and Spotsylvania County

Appendix D – Interim Transportation District


02/07/2007 – Project Objectives and Overview of Work Plan

02/07/2007 – Potential Transit Improvement Strategies

05/08/2007 – Future Transit Service Scenarios

07/10/2007 – Study Overview/Work to Date

07/10/2007 – Spotsylvania FRED Transit Service Overview

09/27/2007 – Framework for the Development of a George Washington Regional Transportation Authority (GWRTA)


12/17/2007 – FAMPO Resolution 07-46, Authorizing On-Call Task Orders for Certain Planning Projects