I-95 Corridor Study – Phase I

Project Details

Consultant:  Michael Baker International
Budget: $280,000
Funding: Regional Surface Transportation Program (STP) and State Funds
Completion Date: June 2016

Scope of Work

Final Report for CHAPTER 741- Acts of the General Assembly Executive Summary 

The Policy Committee authorized FAMPO staff to work with Michael Baker International to execute a Phase I study of I-95 to evaluate congestion problems between milepoint 145 and 125 in December, 2015  and completed the study in June 2016 in time to provide input to the development of Regional Smart Scale candidate projects.

FAMPO staff worked cooperatively with the study advisory committee throughout the study to provide updates on study progress and results and provide opportunities for meaningful input.  FAMPO staff also provided presentations to local elected officials and officials on study progress and results over the March to July, 2016 time period.

On July 18, 2016, the FAMPO Policy Committee endorsed the following four priority recommendations from the I-95 1 Corridor Study:

Priority Element 1 – Near Term Planned and Programmed Improvements

Express Lane Southern Tail project

Additional southbound 4th lane from Garrisonville Road to Courthouse Road

Reconstruct Courthouse Road interchange to improve operations

Southbound Rappahannock River Crossing CD-Lane project

Safety improvements at Route 3 interchange

Priority Element 2 – Northbound Rappahannock River Crossing project

Additional northbound 4th lane from US 17 to Centreport Parkway

Northbound CD-lanes from Route 3 to US 17

Directional flyover ramp from eastbound Route 3 to northbound I-95

Priority Element 3 – Express lanes extension south to US 17

Direct connect ramp from Garrisonville Road to express lanes to/from north

Two reversible express lanes in median

Priority Element 4 – Improvements between Route 3 & US 1 interchanges

New interstate access point at Harrison Road

General purpose widening (4th lane) in select locations along I-95

Final Report

I-95 Phase I Corridor Study Final Report – December 6, 2016

Advisory Committee Members

City of Fredericksburg

  • Doug Fawcett
    Director of Public Works

Stafford County

  • Keith Dayton
    Deputy County Administrator

Spotsylvania County

  • Ed Petrovitch
    Deputy County Administrator

Caroline County

  • Angeline Crowder

King George County

  • E. Linwood Thomas IV
    Director of Economic Development

Virginia Department of Transportation

  • Annette Adams
    District Bridge Engineer
  • Marcie Parker (alternate)
    Fredericksburg District Administrator

Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation

  • Tim Roseboom
    Northern Virginia Manager of Transit Planning
  • Christopher Arabia (alternate) Manager of Mobility Programs

Federal Highway Administration

  • Elliott Moore
    Area Engineer
  • Cheng Yan (alternate)
    Planning/Environmental Specialist

Citizens Transportation Advisory Group

  • Guy Gormley
  • Rupert Farley (alternate)
  • Fran Larkins (alternate)

Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce

  • Kasey Nabal
    Military and Government Affairs Manager

Meetings and Agendas

February 1, 2016 – AgendaMinutes
February 29, 2016 – AgendaMinutes 
February 29, 2016 – AgendaMinutes
March 28, 2016 – AgendaMinutes 
May 4, 2016 – AgendaMinutes 
May 31, 2016 – AgendaMinutes 
June 17, 2016 – AgendaMinutes

Project Documents

01/04/2016 – Notice-to-Proceed for On-Call Task Order for I-95 Study

02/22/2016 – Update on I-95 Corridor Study Phase I

03/21/2016 – Update on I-95 Corridor Study Phase I

05/16/2016 – Draft Results from I-95 Phase I Corridor Study

06/20/2016 – I-95 Phase I Corridor Study Update

07/18/2016 – Final Presentation to the FAMPO Policy Committee


11/16/2015 – FAMPO Resolution No. 16-16, Setting A Public Comment Period and Public Hearing to Amend the FY2016 Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)

12/14/2015 – FAMPO Resolution No. 16-18, To Amend the FY2016 Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)

12/14/2015 – FAMPO Resolution No. 16-19, Authorizing Staff to Work with the Michael Baker Consulting Team to Execute a Study of I-95

07/18/2016 – FAMPO Resolution No. 17-03 – Endorsing the Recommendations from the I-95 Phase I Corridor Study

News Articles

11/22/2015 – FAMPO to study I-95 corridor

07/30/2016 – Study pinpoints I-95 problems, solutions