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I-95 Corridor Needs Analysis

Project Details

Consultant:  Vanassee Hangen Brustlin, Inc.
Budget:  $100,000
Completion Date: May 2009

Scope of Work

Completed in May 2009, the I-95 Corridor Needs Analysis Study identified and assessed problematic access points along Interstate 95 within a corridor span of approximately 35 miles, from the Garrisonville Road (Rt. 610) interchange and the Ladysmith Road (Rt. 639) interchange.  This study helped identify and assess problem locations along the I-95 corridor.

Project Documents

11/18/2009 – Executive Summary

11/18/2009 – I-95 Corridor Needs Analysis Final Report


10/26/2009 – Interstate 95 Corridor Needs Analysis


11/18/2009 – FAMPO Resolution 09-42, Acknowledging Receipt of the Recommendations for Low Cost Stort-Term Improvements Found in the I-95 Corridor Needs Analysis