SMART SCALE stands for System for the Management and Allocation of Resources for Transportation. It is Virginia’s transportation project prioritization system. SMART SCALE helps  determine how funds will be programmed to construct projects on a statewide and district level. 

How are transportation projects selected for state funding? 

The state of Virginia uses SMART SCALE to objectively select transportation projects for applicable state funding. The SMART SCALE scoring system allows for a transparent project selection process. 

What are the steps of the selection process? 

In a nut shell, localities and entities like FAMPO’s Policy Board determine which of their transportation projects are eligible for SMART SCALE. They then submit their eligible transportation project applications to the state. Next, the state scores and prioritizes submitted projects. Finally, the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) uses the scores to select the right projects for funding. The projects are included in the Six-Year Improvement Program and are fully funded through construction

What is the score based on? 

SMART SCALE scores are determined by weighing the following factors: safety, congestion mitigation, accessibility, environmental quality, economic development, land use and project cost. For a complete understanding of how projects are scored, visit the SMART SCALE website, here

What is a SMART SCALE “round?” 

A “round” refers to one full SMART SCALE cycle. Currently, there are two years between cycles.  SMART SCALE is fairly new, so round numbers are low. We are entering round 4 of SMART SCALE. 

What projects have been approved for the Fredericksburg Region? 

You can find all approved transportation projects by using this interactive map



 Map Showing Project Outcomes for SMART SCALE Round 3