Regional Scenario Planning

Scenario planning represents the next generation of analytical processes created to evaluate the influence of development intensities and land use patterns on the efficiency of a proposed transportation system.

In 2009, the Fredericksburg Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (FAMPO) embarked upon a multi-phased scenario planning initiative for the George Washington Region.

Phase I of the FAMPO scenario planning initiative, entitled Your Vision, Our Future, was completed in 2012. As part of that effort a CommunityViz software tool was developed for the George Washington Region that when used with the regional travel demand model afforded FAMPO the opportunity to study five distinct land use growth scenarios for evaluating the relationship between land use, urban form, and travel behavior.

Phase I Study

Your Vision, Our Future Final Summary Document – October 2012

Phase II Study

Phase II of the FAMPO scenario planning initiative, which is the subject of this summary, built upon the findings of Phase I, but with a focus on testing transportation-oriented scenarios in terms of their effects on regional travel behavior and traffic conditions.

The Phase II scenarios were focused on aggressive transportation system policy and technological shifts that included substantial enhancements to transit infrastructure, continued growth in telecommuting participation and implementation of state-of-the-art automated vehicle technologies.

  1. All-in-Transit Scenario
  2. Region of Telecommuters Scenario
  3. Thinking Cars Scenario

George Washington Region Scenario Planning Study – Phase II – July 2016

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