Public Transit and TDM

Collage of images showing VRE train, Amtrak train, and FRED bus

Public Transit

“Public transit” describes a public system of transport for groups of passengers. In the Fredericksburg region, transit options include the FRED bus, Virginia Railway Express (VRE), and Amtrak.


Transportation Demand Management (TDM)

TDM refers to a set of public policy strategies and programs aimed at providing convenient and affordable alternatives to the single-occupant vehicle to maximize the use of a region’s alternative transportation resources. Sufficient and reliable funding for transit and other alternative commuting modes is a necessary prerequisite for persuading a high percentage of commuters to use alternative modes.

You can view a FAMPO TDM study and report here. The study uses Global Positioning System (GPS) data for the FAMPO region that traces actual passenger vehicle trips within and between geographic areas called traffic analysis zones (TAZs). The report highlights areas of opportunity for reducing trips and describes 11 case studies identified using the data. 

Alternative Commuting Modes

GWRideConnect helps those living in the Fredericksburg region discover shared transportation options- for free! They connect people to transportation solutions other than driving alone. Contact them today for information on carpooling, vanpooling and transit options that will make your commute easier, faster and less expensive.  

Looking for a commuter parking lot?

Check out VDOT’s map of all state park and ride lots.