Doing Business With FAMPO

The George Washington Regional Commission and FAMPO are responsible for the selection, negotiation, and administration of FAMPO consultant contracts under the provisions of the George Washington Regional Commission Procurement Policy.

The George Washington Regional Commission (GWRC) by law and contract is the official fiduciary agent of FAMPO, and authorized to enter into authorized contracts for and on behalf of FAMPO.

FAMPO and GWRC ensure that disadvantaged business enterprises (DBEs) will be afforded full and fair opportunities to submit bids. FAMPO conducts outreach to ensure small, disadvantaged, minority, woman-owned, and disabled veteran businesses are not excluded from opportunities to compete for consulting contracts. Further, FAMPO evaluates bids by assigning points based on scoring criteria; the scoring criteria allocates 15 points to DBEs.

Procurement questions should be directed to the FAMPO Administrator, Ian Ollis, at


FAMPO and GWRC staff ensure that consultants abide by federal nondiscrimination requirements. Contracts and requests for proposals (RFPs) include nondiscrimination policy language required by federal and state departments. FAMPO, GWRC, its authorized agents, and state auditors have full access to and the right to examine all contract-related records to verify compliance with nondiscrimination laws.

Resources for Businesses

Virginia Procurement Technical Assistance Program – Provides free and low-cost assistance to businesses who want to participate in the government procurement process.

Virginia Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity – A state agency that provides assistance and training to small businesses.



RFP for new on-call consultants has not yet been released. Please check back on this page for further updates. 

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