Performance Measures

FHWA is currently working with states and planning organizations to transition toward and implement a performance-based approach to carrying out the Federal Highway Program known as Transportation Performance Management. Transportation Performance Management (TPM) represents the opportunity to prioritize needs, and align resources for optimizing system performance in a collaborative manner.

The FHWA-TPM team is organized to help with coordinating the alignment of MAP-21 requirements, providing guidance, resources and support for the coordinated development and implementation of performance targets and measures.

MAP-21/FAST Act Performance Measures

MAP-21/FAST Act Performance Measures – December 2017

FAMPO Resolution No. 18-11, Adopting the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) Safety Targets for Each of the Five Safety Performance Measures – Adopted December 18, 2017

FAMPO Resolution No. 18-12, Adopting the Transit Asset Management Targets for Virginia Railway Express (VRE) and Fredericksburg Regional Transit (FRED) – Adopted December 18, 2017