Draft 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan

The public comment and review period for the 2040 LRTP closed on Monday, March 18, 2013.  The FAMPO Policy Committee voted to defer action on FAMPO Resolution No. 13-07, Adopting the 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) for the George Washington Region until the next FAMPO Policy Committee meeting scheduled for Monday, April 15, 2013.

Table of Contents 

Chapter 1:  Introduction

Chapter 2:  The George Washington Region Today

Chapter 3:  Demographic and Socio-Economic Trends and Projections

Chapter 4:  Connecting Land Use and Transportation

Chapter 5:  The Existing Transportation System

Chapter 6:  Regional Transportation Needs Plan

Chapter 7:  The Financially Constrained Long-Range Highway Plan

Chapter 8:  Financially Constrained Transit/Transportation Demand Management Plan

Appendix A:  MAP 21 Long Range Metropolitan Planning Regulations

Appendix B:  Population and Employment Projection Dataset and Methodolgy

Appendix C:  Land Use Scenario Planning Summary

Appendix D:  Highway Needs Plan Projects

D-1:  Interstate Highway Needs

D-2:  Urban Highway Needs

D-3:  Rural Highway Needs

Appendix E:  Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan

Appendix F:  Highway Project Prioritization Methodology

Appendix G:  Long Range Planning/NEPA Relationship

Appendix H:  Benefits and Burdens Analysis (Completed after adoption)

Appendix I:  Public Involvement Summary (Completed after adoption)

Appendix J:  Adopting Resolutions (Completed after adoption)

Appendix K:  Air Quality Conformity Determination

Map 1:  GW Region: VA Planning District 16

Map 2:  2010 Population Density

Map 3:  2040 Population Density

Map 4:  2010 Employment Density

Map 5:  2040 Employment Density

Map 6:  Community Plans Scenario Land Use

Map 7:  Comparative Levels of Service

Map 8:  Functional Highway Classification

Map 9:  Current Vehicle t0 Capacity (V/C) Ratio/Level of Service (LOS)

Map 10:  2010 Existing Transit Facilities

Map 11:  2040 Unimproved Network (2040 Population/2010 Network)

Map 12:  Regional Highway Needs Plan

Map 13:  2040 Needs Plan Vehicle t0 Capacity (V/C) Ratio/Level of Service (LOS)

Map 14:  GW Region Bicycle & Pedestrian Needs

Map 15:  Constrained Highway Plan

Map 16:  2040 Constrained Plan Vehicle to Capacity (V/C) Ratios

Map 17:  Constrained Transit Plan (2010 Densities)

Map 18:  Constrained Transit Plan (2040 Densities)

Summary of the Draft 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan

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