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Title VI and Environmental Justice

Planning must be done with the involvement and for the benefit of all the region’s residents. GWRC and FAMPO are guided by federal Title VI and environmental justice mandates and are committed to making Title VI and environmental justice a part of our planning process, integrated in all our programs and plans, and a guide for our public participation efforts.

Title VI Policy Statement and Assurances

2018 USDOT Order 1050.2A Standard Assurances

2018 MPO-PDC Title VI Assurances

VDOT Title VI Compliance Review 

Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act

Title VI of the Civil Rights Act states that “no person in the United States, shall, on the grounds of race, color, or national origin be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.”

FAMPO serves as the primary forum where state departments of transportation, transit providers, local agencies, and the public work together to develop local transportation plans and programs that address the region’s needs.

Environmental Justice

The federal government defines environmental justice as, “the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race, color, national origin, or income with respect to the development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies.”  It includes the identification and assessment of disproportionately high and adverse effects of programs, policies or activities on low-income and minority groups.

Within the realm of transportation planning, Environmental Justice considers the distribution of costs and benefits from capital transportation investments and policies among various segments of society. GWRC/FAMPO staff is responsible for monitoring and evaluating all applicable nondiscrimination authorities, including Environmental Justice, in all aspects of its planning and programming which include:

  • Prepare and maintain a demographic profile of the region using the most current statistical information available on race, income and other relevant data.
  • Ensure all aspects of the efforts to address Environmental Justice are in compliance with nondiscrimination authorities.
  • Undertake an Environmental Justice analysis of proposed projects during Long Range Transportation Plan updates.
  • Disseminate information to the public on the processes used and findings of any analyses.

The FAMPO Public Participation Plan includes Environmental Justice guidelines that outline outreach strategies for minority, low-income and Limited English Proficiency populations during the development and implementation of all FAMPO programs and planning efforts.

Documentation and Mapping

In an effort to comply with Title VI and Environmental Justice requirements FAMPO staff has prepared a thorough analysis on the 2012-2015 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) as well as the 2040 Constrained Long Range Plan (CLRP).  These analyses provide an overview of how projects administered by FAMPO benefit environmental justice populations in the region.  An interactive Web Mapping Application was developed by FAMPO staff in an ongoing effort to provide up-to-date information to the public.

FY2018-2021 FAMPO Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Environmental Justice Analysis

2040 FAMPO Constrained Long Range Transportation Plan (CLRP) Environmental Justice Analysis

Click here to view the FAMPO Environmental Justice Analysis ArcGIS Online Web Map Application

  • To select variables to analyze click on the Layers drop down menu on the bar above the map. From there you can choose which attributes you would like to view. (e.g. Limited English Proficiency Population: Identified EJ Tracts, Localized and Corridor Projects)

Title VI Nondiscrimination Plan

This plan establishes a framework of efforts to ensure compliance with Title VI, as well as the following other environmental justice and nondiscrimination mandates.  On February 22, 2016, the George Washington Regional Commission (GWRC) and FAMPO updated the GWRC/FAMPO Title VI Nondiscrimination Plan.

GWRC/FAMPO Title VI Nondiscrimination Plan – Adopted February 22, 2016

Notice to the Public

Per 49 CFR § 21.9(d), the GWRC and FAMPO shall provide the following statement to the public regarding their Title VI requirements and describe members of the public of the process against discrimination furnished to them by Title VI. This statement will be included into all publications that are distributed to the public, including the Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), the Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) and the Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP).

“The George Washington Regional Commission and the Fredericksburg Area Metropolitan Planning Organization fully comply with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and its related statutes and regulations in all programs and activities. For more information or to obtain a Discrimination Complaint Form, please visit or or call (540)-373-2890. Para información en español, llame al (540)-373-2890.”

Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Plan

The Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Plan was developed to identify reasonable steps to provide language assistance for LEP persons seeking meaningful access to FAMPO services as required by Executive Order 13166.  This plan details procedure on how to identify a person who may need language assistance, the way in which assistance may be provided, training staff, and how to notify LEP persons that assistance is available.

Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Plan

Title VI Coordinator

For complaints, questions or concerns about civil rights or nondiscrimination; or for special requests under the American with Disabilities Act, please contact:

Briana Hairfield
Title VI Coordinator
406 Princess Anne Street
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401


Title VI Policy Statement and Assurances
Title VI Discrimination Complaint Procedures & Form


GWRC Resolution No. 16-17 – Amending the Joint GWRC/FAMPO Title VI Nondiscrimination Plan – Adopted February 22, 2016

FAMPO Resolution No. 16-20 – Amending the Joint GWRC/FAMPO Title VI Nondiscrimination Plan – Adopted February 22, 2016