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Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan


The Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan (BPP) represents a coordinated approach between the MPO, and its local jurisdictions to provide information and guidance in the development of a safe, interconnected, regional network of on-road and off-road bicycle and pedestrian corridors and related facilities.

2040 Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

Table of Contents


Chapter 1:  Introduction, Vision Statement, and Goals and Objectives

Chapter 2:  Planning Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements and Facilities

Chapter 3:  Proposed Bicycle and Pedestrian Network

Chapter 4:  The 5 E’s of Bicycle Planning: Engineering, Education, Encouragement, Enforcement, and Evaluation & Planning

Chapter 5:  Implementation

Appendix A:  Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices

Appendix B:  Sample Ordinance Language

Appendix C:  List of Bicycle & Pedestrian Web Resources

Appendix D:  Virginia Bicycle Riding Laws

Appendix E:  Virginia Department of Transportation – Policy for Integrating Bicycle & Pedestrian Accommodations


Region of Study Map

City of Fredericksburg Bicycle and Pedestrian Needs Map

Caroline County Bicycle and Pedestrian Needs Map

King George County Bicycle and Pedestrian Needs Map

Spotsylvania County Bicycle and Pedestrian Needs Map

Stafford County Bicycle and Pedestrian Needs Map

George Washington Region Bicycle and Pedestrian Constrained Map

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