Air Quality Committee

The Air Quality Committee (AQC) assesses the air quality conditions in the region and examines efforts to improve regional air quality in relation to the State Implementation Plan (SIP). The AQC makes recommendations to the MPO Policy Committee and to the state and federal governments for consideration and action.

The Fredericksburg nonattainment area had the opportunity to apply for redesignation to attainment status for the 8-hour ozone air quality standard since monitoring data for 2004 showed air quality improvement. The Air Quality Committee helped develop both the maintenance plan and the redesignation request for the area. The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) conducted a public hearing on these proposals on April 20, 2005, and the draft maintenance plan and redesignation request were sent to the Environmental Protection Agency – Region III for review and approval. The final approval of these documents was published in the Federal Register on December 23, 2005.