AADT – Average Annual Daily Traffic

AASHTO – American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials

ACC – Air Quality committee

ADA – American with Disabilities Act

AMPO – Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations

APA – American Planning Association

AQ – Air Quality

AQCA – Air Quality Conformity Analysis

ARRA – American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

BBP – Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan

BPAC – Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee

BPSP – Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Program

CD – Collector-Distributor

CIA – Community Impact Assessment

CLRP – Constrained Long Range Transportation Plan

CMAQ – Congestion Mitigation & Air Quality Program

CMF – Crash Modification Factor

CMP – Congestion Management Process

CN – Construction Phase

CoSS – Corridor of Statewide Significance

CTAG – Citizens Transportation Advisory Group

CTB – Commonwealth Transportation Board

CTF – Commonwealth Transportation Fund

DBE – Disadvantage Business Enterprise

DC2RVA – Washington, DC to Richmond

DDI – Diverging Diamond Interchange

DEHSR – Southeast High Speed Rail

DEQ – Department of Environmental Quality

DGP – District Grants Program

DRPT – Department of Rail & Public Transportation

EA – Environmental Assessment

EIS – Environmental Impact Statement

EJ – Environmental Justice

EPA – Environmental Protection Act

EPDO – Equivalent Property Damage Only

FAMPO – Fredericksburg Area Metropolitan Planning Organization

FHWA – Federal Highway Administration

FRA – Federal Railroad Administration

FRED – Fredericksburg Regional Transit

FTA – Federal Transit Administration

FTC – FAMPO Technical Committee

FY – Fiscal Year

GIS – Geographic Information System

GWRC – George Washington Regional Commission

HB2 – House Bill 2

HMOF – Highway Maintenance and Operating Fund

HNS – National Highway System

HOT – High Occupancy Lanes

HOW – High Occupancy Vehicle

HPP – High Priority Program

HPPP – High Priority Projects Program

H-RGCP – Highway Rail Grade Crossing Safety Program

HSIP – Highway Safety Improvement Program

HSP – Highway Safety Program

HTF – Highway Trust Fund

IJR – Interstate Justification Report

IMR – Interstate Modification Report

IMS – Incident Management System

ISTEA – Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991

ITS – Intelligent Transportation System

LEP – Limited English Proficiency Plan

LOS – Level of Service

LRTP – Long Range Transportation Plan

MOU – Memorandum of Understanding

MPO – Metropolitan Planning Organization

NAAQS – National Ambient Air Quality Standards

NB – Northbound

NEPA – National Environmental Policy Act of 1969

NHTSA – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

NOVA – Northern Virginia

NPS – National Park Service

NPTS – Nationwide Personal Transportation Survey

NSBP – National Scenic Byways Program

NTD – National Transit Database

NVTC – Northern Virginia Transportation Commission

O&M – Operations and Maintenance

OIPI – Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment

PC – Policy Committee

PD16 – Planning District 16

PE – Preliminary Engineering

PL – Planning Funds

PNR – Park & Ride Lot

PPP – Public Participation Plan

PPTA – Private-Public Transportation Act

PRTC – Potomac and Rappahannock Transportation Commission

PTAB – Public Transportation Advisory Board

RFI – Request for Information

RFP – Request for Proposals

RN – Regional Network

ROW – Right-of-Way

RSTBG – Regional Surface Transportation Block Grant Program

RSTP – Regional Surface Transportation Program

RTPP – Regional Transit Policy Plan

RTW – Rural Work Plan

SAFETEA-LU – Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users

SB – Southbound

SGR – State of Good Repair

SHSP – Strategic Highway Safety Plan

SIP – State Implementation Plan

SMP – Statewide Mobility Plan

SOV – Single Occupant Vehicle

SSI – Systemic Safety Improvement

STARS – Strategically Targeted Affordable Roadway Solutions

STIP – State Transportation Improvement Program

STP – State Transportation Program

SYIP – Six Year Improvement Plan

TA – Transportation Alternatives

TAM – Transit Asset Management

TAZ – Traffic Analysis Zone

TDM – Transportation Demand Management

TEA-21 – Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century

TERM – Transit Economic Requirements Model

TFRA – Toll Facilities Revolving Account

TIP – Transportation Improvement Program

TMA – Transportation Management Area

TNC – Transportation Network Companies

TPB – Transportation Planning Board

TPOF – Transportation Partnership Opportunity Fund

TSM – Transportation Systems Management

TTF – Transportation Trust Fund (Virginia)

TTI – Travel Time Index

UDA – Urban Development Area

ULB – Useful Life Benchmark

UPWP – Unified Planning Work Program

USACE – United States Army Corps of Engineers

USDA – United States Department of Agriculture

USDHS – United States Department of Homeland Security

USDOT – United States Department of Transportation

USEPA – United States Environmental Protection Agency

USFWS – United States Fish and Wildlife Service

USGS – United States Geological Survey

VACo – Virginia Association of Counties

VAHS – Virginia Department of Veteran Affairs and Homeland Security

VAMPO – Virginia Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations

VCI – Virginia Council of Indians

VCR – Virginia Central Railway

VDA – Virginia Department of Aviation

VDCR – Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation

VDEM – Virginia Department of Emergency Management

VDEQ – Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

VDGIF – Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

VDHR – Virginia Department of Historic Resources

VDOA – Virginia Department of Aviation

VDOF – Virginia Department of Forestry

VDOT – Virginia Department of Transportation

VHT – Vehicle Hours of Travel

VMRC – Virginia Marine Resources Commission

VMT – Vehicle Miles of Travel

VOC – Ozone

VPA – Virginia Port Authority

VRE – Virginia Railway Express

VSHSP – Virginia Strategic Highway Safety Plan

VTA – Virginia Transit Association

VTIB – Virginia Transportation Infrastructure Bank

VTRANS – 2040 Commonwealth of Virginia Long Range Transportation Plan

VTSP – Virginia Surface Transportation Plan